Terri Sharp for Clerk of Court


Terri W. Sharp is the Elected Clerk of Superior Court for Craven County. She was sworn into office by The Honorable Benjamin G. Alford, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge in the 3B Judicial District, on October 1, 2012, and elected to a full term in November 2014. Since that time, Terri has proven that she is an effective leader as the Elected Clerk of Superior Court. She understands her role as a public officer and places an emphasis on that in every aspect of the Clerk’s office. Terri understands the value of a Clerk’s office that is run both effectively and efficiently. She also understands the importance of the office of Clerk to the day-to-day business of Craven County, and the judicial and procedural duties that a Clerk of Court must perform, many of which are both legally and factually complex.  The Clerk of Court’s position warrants a candidate with the appropriate legal and practical experience necessary to do this job and do it well. Terri has both proven experience and effective leadership skills, which make her the right choice to continue her position as Elected Clerk of Superior Court of Craven County.

Terri has been associated with the legal field for more than 35 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice and Public Policy from North Carolina Wesleyan College, and received her law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law. She practiced law with the New Bern law firm of McCotter, Ashton and Smith, P.A. for 12 years prior to her appointment as Clerk of Superior Court. Her private law practice focused on estate planning, estate administration and fiduciary law, elder law, guardianships, competency matters, and foreclosures. She served as the Public Administrator and Public Guardian for Craven County for 6 years, and served as a Guardian ad Litem in special proceedings matters. Her practice was primarily before the Clerk of Superior Court for those matters over which the Clerk has exclusive judicial authority as a probate judge. She also represented clients in real estate transactions and corporate matters. Her leadership and experience serves Craven County well and will be an asset for years to come.

She is a member of the NC Conference of Clerks of Superior Court, NC State Bar, Craven County Bar Association (President 2009-10), and 3B Judicial District Bar for Craven, Pamlico and Carteret Counties, and a Broker licensed with the NC Real Estate Commission. She is a member of the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce, Coastal Women’s Forum, and is a former Board Member and Treasurer for Coastal Women’s Shelter 2006-10. She is a Board Member for Coastal Community Action, Inc. As President of the Craven County Bar Association, she was the Chair of the Committee on Bayard v. Singleton (a re-enactment and speaker series produced for New Bern’s 300th Celebration).

Of particular note is the fact that North Carolina is the only State where Clerks of Court are elected and serve as the “Ex Officio Judge of Probate.” The Clerk of Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over matters relating to decedent’s and guardianship estates. In this role, the Clerk of Court appoints and removes executors and administrators and approves accountings and the distribution of estate assets. The Clerk of Court presides over hearings and conducts jury trials on matters of competency of adults and restoration of competency matters. The Clerk also presides over hearings on foreclosure under deeds of trust, vehicle seizure hearings, motor vehicle liens, condemnation of private lands for public use, partition actions for real and personal property, adoptions, legitimation matters, name changes, and many, many more types of judicial hearings. The Clerk of Court oversees jury duty and sends summonses to hundreds of area citizens for several terms of Superior Court each month. The Clerk of Court supervises an office staff of 28 assistant and deputy clerks of court. The Courthouse contains 6 courtrooms that are staffed by the Clerk of Court. In addition to many judicial responsibilities, the Clerk of Court is an Administrator, Comptroller of Court Funds, and Keeper of the Records.

We invite you to join Terri and her family, friends, and colleagues and VOTE to Re-Elect Terri Sharp as Clerk of Superior Court for Craven County on November 6, 2018. Keep knowledge, experience and trust in the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Please browse this website to learn more about Terri and the many roles of the Clerk of Court.

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